How to hire me

As an experienced professional in cyber security and software engineering, I am available for consulting and project work. I have worked with top Fortune 50 companies on various projects including penetration testing and advising in various industries. 

In short, I have expertise in medical device security, compliance, and defense. Making high-risk decisions and developing proof of concepts (POCs) using leading-edge technology is what I love to be doing. I worked to advance research for both the public sector and private sector cybersecurity companies.

 I have also made a significant contribution to wheelchair hacking through my creation of the Can2RNET Python library, which has earned me recognition in the information security and medical device hacking communities. My expertise, passion for innovation and adaptive approach make me an asset to any organization looking to improve their security posture and protect against potential threats.

My services are offered for either a flat fee upfront or a monthly fee, as opposed to charging hourly. Contact me for information.